About a month ago I awoke from my dreams repeatedly saying “I will not die.”   In my dream a school bus hit my car. The impact sent glass caving in on me. At the moment of impact it felt like my spirit was leaving my body and I began saying I will not die.  As I sat up in bed I thought what a crazy dream that was and wondered what it meant.  The negative voice in my head told me to stay off the road that morning or I might die.  I fought off the negative voice by reasoning that my dreams had never turned out to be me before.  If it was about me, then I guess it was my fate and I would be fighting for my life the entire time.

I got dressed as usual but before I headed out the door I stopped by my daughter’s room.  I told her I had this crazy dream.  I let her know most of the dream was disjointed and did make sense. Then I proceeded to tell her about the school bus and my I will not die chant.  My daughter response, “Are you kidding me mom? You tell me this story as you are about to leave the house?”  I told her not to worry and that I had never dreamed about myself before.  She didn’t look convinced as I left the house.

I arrived safely to work. I sent her a text message letting her know I had arrived safe and sound.

I received a phone call from my daughter about 9:00 am. She said,  “Mom I thought you should know a school bus hit a police car and the police woman was taking to the hospital.”  I learned later that day she did survive despite some painful injuries.  I have no idea if she said I will not die. I did find out there had been another accident involving a school bus which killed a woman that was not local.  

Could the two incidences be intermingle in my dream…I have no idea.  That is the problem with the precognition that I have and also my daughter.  My daughter has them more often than I.  There is never anything to let us know who or where.  There is nothing that allows us to save or help some out.  It’s frustrating.

I had my first precognition that I can remember at four years old. I knew my neighbor Mrs. would not be taking me to preschool the next day as she normally would do along with her daughters. Early the next morning she was transported to the hospital. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor and died a couple of months later.

The worst precognition my daughter had was what would be known as the Virginia Tech massacre. Her dream was so graphic she stayed in bed under the covers until afternoon.

My daughter and I inherited our gifts from my Mom.  I will have a few stories in my upcoming book.



2 responses to “PRECOGNITION

  • Melinda Gabriel

    My father had this!!! It frustrated him as well as he was not sure what he was supposed to do with the information he was given. He had some real bad situations that he could do nothing to help with……there is more to his story but I totally understood this post! 😉

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