Pennies from Heaven and Quarters too

I was about 10yrs old and needed money for a Christmas present for my mom. I really didn’t want to ask her nor my father for the money. Instead I went to my favorite change drawer in my dresser. I would deposit my leftover change from my allowance in that drawer for candy runs at my neighborhood store.
I reached in and pulled out nothing but quarters. This was despite that fact that I had put in mostly pennies and nickels and maybe a few dimes. Remember pennies and nickels when a long way back then. I counted it out I had five quarters. Wow that’s a lot of money I thought. I began to look through the latest Avon book. Then I got an idea. I would get mom the blouse she had looked at Macy’s. I knew had almost half with the five quarters. I knew I could find more change if I went back to the drawer. To my surprise more quarters. I open the drawer and found a couple more and closed the drawer. I only saw those 2 quarters. I was puzzled where my other coins were. I didn’t say anything to mom. I would go to that draw three or four more times. Each trip yielded me two or three more quarters. I had enough money to buy both parents a couple of gifts each.
After I had purchased the gifts, I started to doubt everything. This had to be mom using my change and putting the equivalent back in quarters. I returned to the draw to find it was empty.
After the holidays I asked my mom if she had been putting quarters in my draw and she said no. Mom said maybe it was the magic of Christmas.
When I doubted my magic was gone.


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