Great Energy

Monday I went to Massage Heights for the first time. My masseuse called my name and as I enter she told me she was excited to see me. I thought maybe she said this to everyone. I didn’t think much of as she turned to leave and I got undress and lay on the table.
I soon found out she had special gifts. I told her I was an author, the name of the book, briefly what the book was about. She said you really miss your mom I said yes. She said you feel like part of your soul is missing. I was stunned I had always felt that way but never ever told anyone in the 20 years she has been gone. I fought back tears, face down in that donut hole it was hard to do. We talk about when we both learned we really did have one on one relationship with the creator. I was seven and she was four. We talked about how weird society thinks our kind are.
When she was finished with the massage she said with a smile you know it wasn’t an accident that out the 21 masseuses you got me. As she left she said your aura is gold and white. I asked her what that meant. She I don’t know and close the door. After I got dressed we exchange numbers. I have a new friend. As I checked out at the front desk the manager told me, you know she has special gifts she told me I was pregnant before I even knew!
Of course I had to look up what gold and white aura meant. It does sound like me or at least my belief but I don’t think I have reached everything it says. Work in progress
Life sure has a lot of twists and I love it!


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