What inspired me to write your book?

My mother would tell me stories about her life from time to time. The older I got the more intrigued I became. One day I decided to just start a journal. The journal would be for my daughter so she would really understand who her grandmother was and what she went through to ensure both my daughter and I would have a better life. After I read over some of the stories I just knew that more people need to hear these. Thus began my journey.


What makes this book different from others in my genre?

What makes my book different is not only do you get great inspirational and motivational stories you also get some life lesson. Those life lessons are either what my mom Mattie Fisher told me or what I believe she would want others to get from her life stories. This book is part Chicken Soup for the Soul part prescriptive lessons and a lot of MAGIC

What age is too young?

I was asked by a friend if my book was suitable for the young girls 9-12 in the life skills class she is teaching. I had to think about it. Believe in the Magic deals with many different subjects including domestic violence. Even through it’s not very graphic, is it suitable for girls as young as nine? Then I read an article that said almost one in six middle school girls 6th-8th grade, said they had fallen prey to physical violence while in an ongoing relationship. That’s so scary to think about. It also said 81% of parents don’t think it’s a problem. Add to that most girls start “liking” boys about 9-10. Maybe it’s okay to start talking to girls and boys about abuse. What do you think?

Pennies from Heaven and Quarters too

I was about 10yrs old and needed money for a Christmas present for my mom. I really didn’t want to ask her nor my father for the money. Instead I went to my favorite change drawer in my dresser. I would deposit my leftover change from my allowance in that drawer for candy runs at my neighborhood store.
I reached in and pulled out nothing but quarters. This was despite that fact that I had put in mostly pennies and nickels and maybe a few dimes. Remember pennies and nickels when a long way back then. I counted it out I had five quarters. Wow that’s a lot of money I thought. I began to look through the latest Avon book. Then I got an idea. I would get mom the blouse she had looked at Macy’s. I knew had almost half with the five quarters. I knew I could find more change if I went back to the drawer. To my surprise more quarters. I open the drawer and found a couple more and closed the drawer. I only saw those 2 quarters. I was puzzled where my other coins were. I didn’t say anything to mom. I would go to that draw three or four more times. Each trip yielded me two or three more quarters. I had enough money to buy both parents a couple of gifts each.
After I had purchased the gifts, I started to doubt everything. This had to be mom using my change and putting the equivalent back in quarters. I returned to the draw to find it was empty.
After the holidays I asked my mom if she had been putting quarters in my draw and she said no. Mom said maybe it was the magic of Christmas.
When I doubted my magic was gone.

Positive Thinking

Today we know that there’s scientific proof of the mind body connection. How we think does affect our physiology but it also shapes our world. My mom knew it before it was the “latest thing”. As a child I remember seeing the book The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale next to her Bible on the night stand.

I came across this Will Smith interview on You Tube…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oENmXKKlCAI

The tenacity of some people

Do you have a tenacious person in your life? I have a girlfriend let’s call her Coops. Coops contracted Hypo Titus C through a blood transfusion in the 70’s. In the 80’s she received the news the lump in her breast was cancerous. A couple of rounds of radiation followed up with Tamoxifen for few years. She was all good. So we thought.
Her body had a reaction to Tamoxifen then couple with the Hypo Titus C her liver was under attack. Gradually she needed more and more oxygen. She had to retire on disability not quite 50 years old yet. Eventually her liver was in dire straits. She told she needs a liver transplant. The doctors gave her the option of a living donor. A coop found a donor match and was three weeks away from getting the transplant when the doctors decided she was a good candidate for that procedure anymore. Now she would have to have a full transplant and she was put on the waiting list. She was about number six on the list when the Christmas holidays approached. The doctors told her she need to go to Texas to wait. They told her more people die around the holidays so would quickly move up the list. I remember when she called me she said “You have no idea how it feels to wait for someone to die so you can live.” Chilling but so true.
A month after the holidays she received word a liver was on its way. She made it through the surgery. However infection set in after about 3 weeks. After a few touch and go moments she recovered. It would be weeks before she came back home and get under a local doctors care. She did with style including a new short hair style and tiny waistline. I happy to say today she is living a pretty normal life. There is neuropathy and a couple of minor issues but she continues to live life with tenacity.

Father Hunger

As I was writing my book “Believe in the Magic”, I came across a term new to me Father Hunger. After I read a few articles so much of my life became clearer and I understood some of my mom’s choices. I dedicated a chapter in my book to the subject.
I can look at my life differently now.

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