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The cholesterol struggle!

A couple of years ago I heard the words you have high cholesterol. What me?? It was the extra fat around my waist, and the 20 pounds in the last 10 years. My doctor promptly called in the prescription for 20mg of a popular cholesterol medicine to my preferred pharmacy. I never picked it up.
I have watched someone in my life struggle with the side effects of cholesterol medicines. The warning labels lists of side effects are very long. One side effect in particular lists “muscle problems” as rare. Well in his case it wasn’t rare and the doctors didn’t catch it until it was too late. He is now diagnosed with MD. So you can see my hesitation to jump on that bandwagon. Instead I decided to try to lower my number myself.
The first year I tried changing my diet by watching my sat fats and taking fish oil. The next doctor’s visits my numbers were better but still not where they should be. She told me she was increasing my dose to 40mg and called that in the pharmacy. I was disappointed but resolved to fixing this myself.
I noticed I had been taking one fish oil tab instead of two so I stated taking two big tabs a day. BTW I’m happy to report they now have a tab that gives you the same amount in one..”Nature Made” brand the best.
Last summer I found an Ayurveda lifestyle consultant Stephanie introduced me to Banyan herb products. I went through list researching and found Triphala. I took it for three months before my cholesterol test. Guess what it came back normal. My combo of fish oil and Triphala had worked. My goal is to balance my body so I don’t need to take anything. The key is living the lifestyle includes the correct food, the correct exercise for your body type.
I am not a doctor, this is my story. However if you have struggled with cholesterol problems you might want to take a look at Triphala. Do your research with any other medications you are taking. Believe!


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